About Us

About Us

Established communities await your brand.


Founded in 2012, CheckdMedia is a fast-growing social marketing company based in Manchester, United Kingdom. We will look to help your brand engage with our established communities. We have a team of expert content writers, content creators and marketing gurus who know how to advertise brands across our community. They look for new ways of speaking to people and do this in a fresh and vibrant way through a wide range of channels. We have several brands within our portfolio which are active across various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as having their own websites. These brands have been providing viral content for over five years, ensuring that our audiences continue to grow organically. Loyalty has been a key element towards our success, giving our communities engaging and insightful content and in return, their interest in what we do.

CheckdMedia Office

Our culture is a mix of professionalism and informal creativity, to do our job we’ve got to think outside the box. Having that balance within our ethos is what makes us good at what we do. For us, our clients come first, which means that 9-5 isn’t a standard shift here at CheckdMedia. The office is open almost 24 hours a day as we look to maximise your opportunities for engagement. The prime times for fan based content are anti-social times to work, but we don’t mind. Our offices are not what you would expect. Yes we have desks, chairs and computers like any other company, but we have also kitted it out so that our employees can enjoy coming to work. We have a break out area which has a pool table, darts board and table tennis table, which encourage our staff to integrate with each other. We also have whiteboards scattered around the office, televisions and a kitchen area to make a brew.

With the founding partners of the business not even 30, the ethos injected into CheckdMedia is that of optimism and innovation. Things are there to be challenged, to be changed, we want to be the new, we want to be the first.

Marketing Director Lee Struggles (left) and CEO Jamie Knowlson (right)