Will Tyrrell

Will Tyrrell

Having followed CheckdMedia's success from a distance for many years, I joined the team in August 2017. I have recently started a new role as Head of Commercial, which is a key position and one I'm thoroughly enjoying. All teams within the business continue to progress and the Commercial department is no different. I enjoy the responsibility and trust within the role, which with new opportunities constantly arising makes it an exciting position to be in.


1) Who inspires you in business?

My main inspiration in business has probably come from my family with my grandad, mum and dad all owning their own businesses in different industries when I was a child. I think seeing how they handled different situations has subconsciously stuck with me and no doubt influences the way I work. More recently, I'm a big admirer of Eddie Hearn and how he operates. His attention to detail when it comes to being knowledgable and aware of what's going on at regional to international level boxing is impressive. He could be promoting a fight night with 80,000 people in attendance one week and 5,000 the next but he shows the same passion and interest in both regardless of the size.

2) What has been your biggest achievement in your career?

I think my biggest achievement so far is probably turning my passion for sport into a job since the age of 18. In addition to this, making the transition from building a brand whilst at University to joining CheckdMedia alongside the brand and witnessing at first hand it's continued success feels like an achievement in itself. It's over 12 months since I joined the team and I'm excited about playing a part in the continued progression of the business.

3) What do you do in your spare time?

I'm a keen golfer (especially during the summer) which helps take my mind off work for a few hours. My spare time also consists of playing and watching football. I'm a Blackburn Rovers fan which has it's pros and cons, more pros though over the last 12 months which helps... It's hard to take my mind fully off work as there's quite a lot of crossover with my interests out of the office, so I'm always viewing things from a work angle or trying to think of new opportunities.

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