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    Adam Patton, Interview.

    We sat down with Adam Patton, Managing Director of CheckDevelopment to discuss the recent changes...

    How did the partnerships between the two companies begin, and how has this merged to form CheckdGroup?

    We first worked with the guys at Checkd Media back in 2013 when we were the App Development agency who built the first iteration of Acca Tracker. We have continued to stay in touch over the years and have closely followed the impressive growth of the company. When the opportunity arose earlier this year to join forces, we jumped at the chance to bring together our skillsets to create what is now CheckdGroup.

    Adam Patton
    Adam Patton, MD

    What services can CheckdDevelopment offer? How will the involvement of CheckdDev make an impact on CheckdMedia?

    We have a wealth of experience in product development, particularly around native mobile apps. Though we’ve expanded that skillset into web over the years and have worked on a range of Gaming products both on a B2B and B2C perspective. We've got a strong understanding of User-Centred Design, Sports Data and second-screen engagement and it’s within this domain we feel we are particularly well placed to add value to the Checkd Media portfolio and client services.

    What product innovation should we expect from CheckdDev?

    We are already well underway to improving the existing portfolio of Checkd Media products; this ranges from better integration of both Sports Data and premium partner content along with pushing the user experience up a notch. We’ve recently utilised our legacy technology to release the Fantasy Hub product, while we’re in the advanced stages of development on our soon to be released Footy Accumulators Betting app. Outside of the CheckdMedia related developments, we’ve some exciting client projects in the pipeline that will be released later this year and further into 2020.

    Tell me more about the Footy Accums app.

    We are looking at this app as a revitalisation of the Acca Tracker app, but with a host of new and unique features to enable our users to get the best value betting experience in the market. We’ve extensively integrated Sports Data into the user experience to give our users a more informed betting experience, while the curation and presentation of the best offers and promotions from our premium partners will provide a unique proposition not seen before in the affiliate space.

    Discuss the new CheckdDev website, what will this new website entail?

    While our primary focus has been on developing our customer-facing product suite, we also have a new CheckdGroup website in the works which will illustrate the vision of the business and showcase the vast array of skills and expertise now in the Group. The combination of our market-leading social media and affiliate business with the newly formed cutting edge product and technology capabilities are something we want to shout about, and the new website will certainly do this.

    To conclude, what should the industry expect from the new CheckDev?

    We are here to shake things up in the affiliate space, we are looking to deliver some new products and user experiences that will offer excellent value for our customer base as well as deliver new and engaging platforms for our partners to communicate with our massive audience of UK millennial punters. We are also looking to work much closer with our partners to give them unique opportunities via our product development capabilities to trial new initiatives they might not be able to via their direct channels.