Checkd Media

    New Starter, Marketing Director Alex Beecham

    Alex Beecham, Marketing Director

    We sat down with Alex , our new Marketing Director to get to know him a little more...

    The Serious Stuff…

    What attracted you to CheckdMedia?

    The ambition and energy of the team here. The guys are really ambitious and have some really strong sporting brands.

    What will your role be at CheckdMedia?

    Working with the performance media and seo teams to continue driving good traffic and revenue. We’ll be exploring new media channels and launching new verticals such as casino which has a natural cross over with our audience.

    Tell us a bit about what you were doing before starting at CheckdMedia?

    I was managing the UK and Irish markets for Mr Green who are a Swedish casino operator. This meant managing the P&L and all marketing strategy.

    What’s your biggest achievement, academically or career wise, to date?

    Has to be helping push Mr Green forward in the UK despite reduced budgets and finding a significant uplift on the bottom line.

    Quick Fire Questions…

    Favourite sport?

    Horse Racing (Jump Racing, not soft flat racing)

    Football team supported?

    Aston Villa

    What is your go-to box set?

    Dark, german sci-fi which is pretty out there

    Tea or Coffee? Flat White, three times a day

    You can choose any biscuit from a tin to have with your tea/coffee, what do you pick?

    Tunnocks Caramel Wafer

    Favourite musician/band?

    Tame Impala

    What one item couldn’t you live without and why?

    Royster’s T-Bone Steak Crisps…surely no explanation needed!

    What is your top holiday destination?

    Sydney, I lived there for a year and been on hols a few times now and look forward to taking the family when older

    Favourite brand? BMW, premium feel to all their comms and touch points which is always backed up by the product too

    And finally… which celebrity would you most like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

    Hmmm, perhaps Sir David Attenborough as great knowledge and his voice would eventually send me off to sleep (to get through the panic of actually being trapped in a lift)