CheckdMedia's Top 5 Christmas Ads

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time for the big retailers to release their Christmas adverts. The perfect time to show off their brand, market their Christmas products and release any merchandise.

With the much-anticipated launch of the John Lewis advert rumoured to be released this week, we take a look back at CheckdMedia’s Top 5 Christmas ads.

5. M&S – Christmas With Love from Mrs Claus

Released on 11th November 2016 and directed by Tom Hooper (director of ‘King’s Speech’), this Christmas ad has had over 8.7M views. The concept of the advert is around a young boy writing to Mrs Claus for help to make up with his sister by replacing her trainers for Christmas. Mrs Claus comes to the rescue once Santa Claus heads off on his sleigh by granting the young boys wish and delivering his sister some brand new glittery red trainers.

In an official M&S press release, Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, Executive Director of Customer Marketing & M& said: “Our Christmas with Love campaign is a brand new approach for M&S this year, one that has been created with our customers and for our customers, with their feedback at the heart of our strategy.”

M&S didn’t leave the TV ad to do all the work, they brought Mrs Claus to life and 15,000 ‘Mrs Claus acts of kindness’ such as free coffee or makeovers were carried out by M&S employees acting as ‘Mrs Claus’.

4. Heathrow - Coming Home for Christmas

Released on 14th November 2016, Heathrow joined the battle of the retailers with its heart-warming Christmas ad.

The advert follows two bears as they arrive at the airport through to them meeting their loved ones at arrivals to give ‘the best gift of all’ – Coming Home for Christmas.

The ad that pulls at the heart-strings has received over 5.5M views.

3. Sainsbury’s – Royal British Legion - 1914

Released on 12th November 2014, this ad has now had over 19M views.

Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion, Sainsbury’s recreated one of the most famous moments of the First World War.

Inspired by real events from 100 years ago, the advert retells the story of British and German soldiers emerging from their trenches to exchange gifts and play a game of football. After the football match, a British soldier puts a gift in to a German soldiers pocket which he opens to find a chocolate bar. Following the ad, Sainsbury’s sold a replica of the bar with all profits of the £1 bar going to Royal British Legion.

With the release of the ad in 2014 being the 100 year anniversary and Sainsbury’s having a relationship longer than 20 years with RBL, Mark Given, Head of Brand Communications at Sainsbury’s, said: “The Christmas truce is an emotive and cherished story in our history that is especially poignant in this first world war centenary year. That’s why we have worked together closely with the Legion to ensure we bring this moment to life with authenticity and respect.”

2. Coca-Cola – Holidays are Coming

The iconic Coca-Cola ad. Christmas is officially on its way when the Coca-Cola advert comes to the TV and we all know what to expect from this ad with the big red truck driving through towns, lighting them up as it passes through.

The ad has been brought to life with the tour of the famous Coca-Cola truck around the country. Manchester will be lucky enough to have the truck visit us on 28th November.

With the ad and its concept being over 20 years old, the saying ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ certainly is true when it comes to the advertising for this brand.

1. John Lewis – Monty the Penguin

Always pulling at heartstrings, the John Lewis advert is one we all seem to wait for the release of each year.

With over 27M views, John Lewis’ ‘Monty the Penguin’ ad was a CheckdMedia favourite.

With Tom Odell covering John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’ for the background music, the ad tells the story of a boy and his penguin friend who seems upset as the festive period begins with the young boy realising Monty wants to find love and surprises him on Christmas day.

Monty and Mabel came to John Lewis stores with the brand releasing merchandise including cuddly toy penguins, mugs and pyjamas with some merchandise going out of stock within hours.

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