We took a moment to get to know our new Social Media Management Executive Jamie Green...

What attracted you to CheckdMedia?
Followed the CheckdMedia brands for a few years and had only heard good things about the business, so when the opportunity to join came around I didn't think twice.

Jamie Green

What will your role be at CheckdMedia?
In a nutshell - running our various clients social media accounts ensuring we are hitting targets set.

Tell us a bit about what you were doing before starting at CheckdMedia?
I worked for another social media running football pages with a network of around 7 million people!

What’s your biggest achievement, academically or career wise, to date?
Career wise it’d probably be creating video content that has over a million views!

Quick Fire Questions…

Favourite sport?

Football team supported?
The famous Glasgow Rangers

What is your go-to box set?
Homeland (5* from me)

Tea or Coffee?
Not a fan of hot drinks but if I had to pick… tea!

You can choose any biscuit from a tin to have with your tea/coffee, what do you pick?
Fox’s Crunch Creams… if you know, you know.

Favourite musician/band?
I’m really into DJing and music production so I’d have to say Darius Syrossian or Jamie Jones

What one item couldn’t you live without and why?
Probably my phone (sad I know)

What is your top holiday destination?
Australia! Visit family!

Favourite brand?
FootyAccums of course?!

And finally… which celebrity would you most like to be stuck in a lift with and why?
Liam Gallagher I think. I find him hilarious!