We sat down with Lucas, CheckdMedia's new Partnership Manager for a quick chat...

Lucas - New Starter

The Serious Stuff…

What attracted you to CheckdMedia?

I’ve been aware of the strength of CheckdMedia and its brands for some time. It’s a highly ambitious business which is currently undergoing an exciting period of growth, so when the opportunity came along to become a part of that it was an easy decision!

What will your role be at CheckdMedia?

Working with our Head of Commercial to implement the commercial strategy across CheckdMedia by forging stronger relations with our existing partners and developing new ones. Moreover, I’ll be ensuring the day-to-day campaign management is running smoothly across the business.

Tell us a bit about what you were doing before starting at CheckdMedia?

I moved to Manchester in July 2018 to work for a social media agency. My job role there was Head of Business Development but due to the nature of the business my day-to-day would vary so much! From working with partners to social media management – it encompassed it all.

What’s your biggest achievement, academically or career wise, to date?

It’s hard to select one I define as my biggest, but I recall being particularly proud of getting the opportunity to write a few pieces for FourFourTwo whilst freelancing at university! I used to read the magazine religiously when I was younger, so seeing my content up on the website was great.

Quick Fire Questions…

Favourite sport?

It has to be football, but I share a similar passion for horse racing and enjoy futsal.

Football team supported?

Bristol Rovers first and foremost, but I find myself in Germany occasionally watching

Fortuna Düsseldorf.

What is your go-to box set?


Tea or Coffee?


You can choose any biscuit from a tin to have with your tea/coffee, what do you pick?

Hobnobs – they never break!

Favourite musician/band?

Not sure if I have one. We’ll go for Madness.

What one item couldn’t you live without and why?

My mobile phone. I feel uncomfortable leaving it in another room.

What is your top holiday destination?

I’ve been planning a tour of Italy in my head for about three years now, so perhaps the

Amalfi Coast.

Favourite brand?

Ralph Lauren

And finally… which celebrity would you most like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock - he has me in tears every time I see him on TV!