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    Mindful May

    Mindful Magic Mirror

    Yakult are tapping into the mindfulness trend to drive their brand message of wellbeing using an augmented reality 'Magic Mirror'. The branded screen encourages passers by to learn the science of breathing with a 30 second breathing activity.

    To begin with, a person standing in front of the augmented screen is able to tap on the Yakult bottle and take a moment to centre themselves calm their mind and focus on their breathing just for a few seconds.


    Sustainable Commitments

    It's becoming increasingly important for large brands to acknowledge the impacts that the quantities of waste they create have on the environment. As consumers consciousness is being paired with concern for the planet, many companies are putting emphasis on ethical manufacturing practices.

    Fortunately, there's been somewhat of a domino effect as more and more companies adopt different ways of reducing packaging, transporting and pollution.


    From fast-food establishments and coffee shops switching to straw-less operation to hotels pledging to recycle one million bars of soap, the newest sustainability commitment is made by 'McCormick & Company' in America. The business is focusing on reducing its CO2 impact by eliminating single-use plastic. The expectation is that by 2025, all packaging will be switched to renewable and compost-friendly materials which essentially means that McCormick's products will be delivered in 100% recyclable vessels. Fingers crossed these habits continue...

    Chicken, rain, chicken, rain...

    What does fried chicken and rainfall have in common? Watch this video by Mother Agency for KFC and find out.

    Forget those meditation apps, what could be more soothing than the sound of sizzling fried chicken? KFC have taken a lighthearted approach to mindfulness by offering up a range of "pink noises" from its kitchen, including frying chicken, simmering gravy and sizzling bacon. Pink noise is the most common noise found in biological systems and can help the listener relax and focus.

    It's tongue in cheek, on trend and makes you smile too - Mother Agency have smashed it once again.