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Forget Tinder...This New Dating App Matches Depending on The Food You Love.

Who doesn’t love scrolling and salivating over delicious looking food online?

Imagine if you could combine your love for food with meeting your perfect match… Dating apps are constantly being reinvented, and the new app PB&J is about to innovate the way one meets them as well. The dynamic of this app is a mobile platform that allows users to swipe on delicious looking food and later uses the data to match people with similar culinary tastes.


The dating app allows users to post pictures of a plate they are passionate about. Through a series of algorithms, PB&J tracks profile preference and likes and ultimately connects two people in the end. Essentially, the goal is to bring a community, friends or even potential love interests together to indulge in mindful and delicious culinary experiences.

Is this the new modern age relationship tool, or another way for people to experience artificial romance?

Samsung's Has New ‘Instagram Mode’ and a Snapchat Partnership Making Seamless Social Media Experience

Companies are well aware that social media is becoming an integral part of consumers everyday life, prompting phone companies to create features that can enhance the user's online experience. Samsung’s new model has made using Instagram an effortless and enjoyable experience, with the advantage of the 'Instagram Mode'. This feature includes a camera that’s been specifically designed for Instagram sharing with the inclusion of location tags, stickers and more.

In addition to this, Samsung announced similar partnerships with Snapchat, offering the same social media ease that's presented through the Instagram partnership. Apple is it time to move over?

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McDonald's is Taking a Stab at Balenciaga's Slip-On Shoes

If you’re a current brand in this climate, you’ll be aware how effective it is to build brand engagement in this digital world. There’s no better way to cause a stir, than to add a little tongue in cheek humour to your social media campaigns.


McDonalds have yet again, hit the nail on the head by adding branded comedy content to their posts which (when done tastefully) resonate with followers and convert them to engaged consumers.

A good example of this phenomenon is McDonald's Sweden's recent pass at Spanish luxury house Balenciaga.

Nighthero App – Making Planning Nights Out with Friends a Breeze

If planning a night out with your friends sometimes turns out to be more of a stress than a pleasure, then try this app.

nighthero final

Knowing just where to go when looking for the best clubs/bars/events in town is no easy task, so the 'Nighthero' app aims to change this with an interface that will make the process far more convenient. Users can share their details of their night out with mates, instead of relying on lengthy Whatsapp groups and discussions on Facebook.

Sharing Series on Social

It’s a regular occurrence in the office when you’re all discussing the programmes you’ve watched the night before. With Netflix uploading more and more shows than ever, we seem to have so little time and too many things to watch.

Thanks to a new partnership with Instagram, users are now able to share a series / clip that they’re currently watching to their followers. Utilising the ever-increasing popularity of Instagram stories, this new feature will allow users to share the Netflix title of their choosing right to their Instagram profile. These stories will also link back to the actual Netflix titles for viewers, making it easier than ever to follow through on your friends' recommendations.

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