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YouTube announce new ad function, Instagram name new Head of Instagram and what does the latest iOS update for Twitter have in store for users

YouTube announce new ad function

Google owned video app YouTube has announced their new ad function which will allow the audience to shop directly from video ads.

Advertisers will be able to direct their consumers to apps or to their websites to download or make purchases.

Before this announcement, advertisers were much more limited to how they could direct their audience. The ad news comes around a time where the fight to be the main social advertising platform is at a peak.

New Head of Instagram named

Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have named Adam Mosseri as the companies new Head of Instagram. The announcement comes a week after the departure announcement of the co-founders.

Mosseri has worked at Facebook for over 10 years and has held positions as Product Design Manager, VP Product Management for Facebook and previous to his new position as Head of Instagram, Mosseri was Head of Product at Instagram.

In a tweet by Adam Mosseri, he posted the article announcement by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and thanked Systrom and Krieger for all they had done. He said that he was “Humbled and excited by the new role leading Instagram”.

Adam Mosseri
Adam Mosseri Twitter - @mosseri

New iOS Update for Twitter

Twitter for iOS has been updated this week with some new changes for users. Updates include the function to use less data while you browse with videos within the app no longer playing automatically and images for those using the new ‘Data Saver’ mode being shown images in a lower resolution. As well as the data saving update, there has also been an improvement to polls with a voiceover option that will give users a new way to interact.


50 Million Facebook accounts hacked

On 25th September, a breach of over 50 million Facebook accounts was announced which gave the hacker the ability to take over Facebook accounts. It was announced that users who were affected by the breach would be notified via Facebook and would be required to log back in.

The security breach is thought to have been the biggest in Facebook’s history and although there is a thorough investigation in to finding the hacker, it is thought that they may never be found due to their high level of expertise with them being able to overcome three bugs in order to hack accounts.

Facebook Hack

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