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Less abbreviations since Twitter character limit increase, Vimeo announces integration with LinkedIn and Cristiano Ronaldo knocks Selena Gomez off the Instagram throne.

Less abbreviations on Twitter

Since Twitter increased the word count from 140 to 280 characters a year ago, a number of stats have been released.

There has been a significant increase in users writing full words rather than abbreviations with the word ‘please’ up by 54% and ‘thank you’ up by 22%.

Twitter Data - @TwitterData

Even though there have been less abbreviations, the majority of tweets have still been under the original 140 characters and it turns out with more characters, it has meant more conversation and replies.

Biz Stone, co-founder alongside Jack Dorsey, explained the decision to increase the characters in a tweet (below).

Biz Stone Twitter - @biz

Vimeo announces integration with LinkedIn

On Monday, video-sharing website Vimeo announced their integration with LinkedIn.

In a post on the Vimeo blog, the website said, “We’re beyond excited to announce that we added LinkedIn as our latest publish to social integration, enabling you to publish videos natively to LinkedIn Company Pages."

The collaboration is LinkedIn’s first full integration with a video platform.

Vimeo stated, “With the world’s largest professional network now included in your video distribution arsenal, your audience just grew by 562 million business-minded people.”


Ronaldo knocks Selena Gomez off the Instagram thrown

Selena Gomez has been overtaken as the most followed person on Instagram by Football icon Cristiano Ronaldo.

In an article posted by The Independent on Tuesday, it was reported that at the time of the article, the footballer had a huge 144,482,390 followers with the singer having 144,367,090 followers.

The takeover has happened since Selena Gomez announced to taking a break from social media back in September.

In third place was Ariana Grande with 132M followers, fourth was Kim Kardashian West with 120M, followed by Beyonce in fifth place with 119M followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo