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    Marketing Trends and Products in April

    Whether it's new apps, marketing trends, campaigns or innovative products – we’ve got you covered with our monthly roundup of the best from around the world.

    Be “Kinde” to yourself

    Kinde app

    Our fear of judgement keeps us from talking through our problems, getting better help and accessing the support we need to live our best lives. That’s where Kinde comes in, a social network on a mission to make the world a happier place. The app offers mental health focused support for users and aims to offer a stigma- free site with the incentive of working on a global basis to help others to communicate instead of suffering in silence.

    Vending Machines accept selfies as currency

    vending machine

    In LA (of course) there’s new vending machines that offer an array of noodle flavours and dishes. There is also no need to be looking around for loose change anymore either, this vending machine accepts selfies as a form of payment instead.

    For participating, Instagram users have the ability to collect video games, gift vouchers, merchandise and “Cup Noodles” on the spot.

    Although the idea for the Foodbeast Dream Machine began as a joke, it has turned into the "democratization of the Instagram influencer experience."

    Burger King takes roasting to a new level

    Rivalries that have existed between competing brands for many years are heating up. Within it’s app, Burger King Brazil is now giving people the ability to burn the ads of competitors in order to be rewarded coupons.

    Burger King

    With Burn That Ad, as well as taking its competitors down a peg and subtly referencing the way it cooks its burgers over a flame grill, Burger King is promoting its BK Express service, which lets customers conveniently pre-order their food for pickup via a mobile device.

    Get some nuts!

    In an effort to promote its 'You're Not You When You're Hungry' campaign, Snickers has set-up an immersive escape room aptly named 'The Hunger Bunker.'

    The installation is enabling consumers to select the candy brand's next flavour with choices that include Espresso, Fiery or Sweet & Salty. The event tasks guests with answering the question, "Which intense flavour will you need to survive intense hunger?"


    The brand experience boasts a social media-friendly aesthetic, helping Snickers increase its following while providing consumers with a unique attraction.

    Skechers vows to never split up

    It appears that calling out your competitors is a theme in 2019. The Skechers ad went viral when it boldly called attention to the recent Nike PG 2.5 sneaker malfunction.

    In case you haven’t seen the mass of social media news surrounding the event, Nike’s brand took a hit during an NCAA match-up when American basketball player Zion Williamson's Nike-branded shoes fell apart. This unfortunate event has become a focus for the news and social media platforms who are extensively making jokes and offering commentary.


    The Skechers ad is one of many brand reactions to the event that rendered the athlete unable to play due to an injury. The poster reads 'Just Blew It.' which plays on Nike's famous slogan. The marketing material is completed with 'We won't split on you.' Brave from Skechers – but it’s worked!