Emma Struggles

Account Manager


I joined the company around a year ago. My role is to drive forward and deliver the CheckdMedia brand strategy whilst being responsible for the social channels, the CheckdMedia website, as well as any PR and events.

Who inspires you in business?

Those passionate about what they do and who have turned something they love in to a career always inspire me. The power of social media always amazes me too. Take Joe Wicks for example, who ran boot camps until he used social media to post them as well as his 15 second ‘Lean in 15’ clips. Just 4 years later, his social-found fame with over 2.4 million followers, has led to Joe Wicks having books published selling over 3 million copies, his 90 Day Plan selling worldwide and more recently hosting his own TV show.

What has been your biggest Achievement in your career? 

Working my way up to a position I had aspired to reach in my previous company was definitely a huge achievement.

In terms of achievements at CheckdMedia, getting the brand featured in two of Sport Relief’s promotional videos was definitely one as well as CheckdMedia being shortlisted for some great industry awards.

What do you do in your spare time?

With a toddler attached to me when I’m not in the office, spare time is usually taken up with trips to soft play, swimming or the park. However, dog walks are usually a weekend feature as well as good food. I’ve also been lucky enough to visit some beautiful places such as Santorini, Dubai, LA and this year, Mexico. Who doesn’t love a holiday?