Matt Raynes

SEO Manager


I've worked within the realms of SEO for over 10 years, joining CheckdMedia back in May 2017. Prior to joining the company I'd mainly worked within the fashion sector, working with large E-Commerce websites. Adapting to sports and gambling has been fascinating, the sector is much more competitive and fierce ensuring my days are busy, sometimes unpredictable and full of challenges. When I joined CheckdMedia SEO was relatively new to them but now we've grown into a competent SEO team who work daily to ensure all brands improve within their search landscape.

Who inspires you in business?

It would have to be Steve Jobs; his passion convinced many top-level execs that his words/beliefs were fact. And the fact he was able to monetise his ideas and creativity and turn them into a global brand worth loads is pretty inspiring.

What has been your biggest achievement in your career?

Working in SEO does mean your achievements are clearly visible to anyone who knows a bit about SEO. Working for the right companies has meant I've been successful in achieving high rankings for websites in various competitive niches. The standout achievement, for myself, was managing a team that worked on Matalan's website, it involved rebuilding and redesigning their website.  We ensured rankings were maintained and also enhanced for competitive terms, resulting in a successful migration.

What do you do in your spare time?

I watch a lot of football, my team as well as watching my young son play most weekends too. When I'm not doing that I'm usually drinking red wine, eating or experimenting with my own websites, I sometimes jog too.