Rob Lambert

Editorial Executive


I’ve been at the company since October 2016, where I first came in as a Content Writer before stepping into the role of Editorial Executive within the SEO team at the start of 2018. I originally joined the company after being a fan of one of the main brands, emailing the company directly, and being given the chance to prove myself a few short months after completing a journalism degree at the University Of Chester. As part of the SEO team, I create a lot of the company’s written content, with this content being utilised both internally and externally. This role gives me the opportunity to write in a variety of styles, for a selection of different sports, and fulfil my lifelong ambition of being a sports writer.

Who inspires you in business?

As I’ve always aspired to be a sports writer, a lot of my inspiration has come from the work of accomplished football writers. I’ve always been a big fan of European football, so people like James Horncastle and Graham Hunter have been inspirations to me. They both left England to live out their dreams of being European football writers, living in Italy and Spain, learning the language, and becoming experts in their own field. Both continue to stay active and are always writing in one way or another, as it’s more than just a job - it’s a passion. I feel very much the same and appreciate the position I’m in, as I’m able to write about all of these subjects and feel like I’m given the room to grow at CheckdMedia.

What has been your biggest achievement in your career?

I’m not one for achievements as such but I’m always happy to find positives in some of the landmarks that I’ve seen since I joined CheckdMedia back in 2016. I’ve enjoyed seeing more pieces of work I’ve written published not only on our brand websites but also externally, working my way into lots of other recognised websites and publications. Due to my position as Editorial Executive, a lot of the written content produced by the company comes from me, including most of the pages on each brand website, so I would certainly say that I enjoy feeling like I’ve set my own stamp at CheckdMedia. It’s also a frequent occurrence to see something written on one of the websites or posted on social media and know that it's created by me.

What do you do in your spare time?

A large portion of my free time is spent attending film and comic book conventions across the UK with my fiancé, going to see the latest releases at the cinema with friends, and playing videos games. I’m an avid fan of European football so I’m always interested to keep tabs on the results in Italy, Spain and Germany. I’m also a Liverpool fan, paying the occasional visit to Anfield, and supporting my local grassroots team - Runcorn Linnets.