Sam Turbitt

Lead Presenter


I joined the CheckdMedia team in August 2018. Having worked within the industry I was aware of their brands and couldn’t wait to get started. My role as Lead Presenter is to act as a brand ambassador and present in our videos in a fun and compliant way.

Who inspires you in business?

Gary Vaynerchuk is someone I have watched/listened to for a long time. Although I don’t agree with everything he says in his videos, there is a consistent theme that he promotes... If you want it that bad then go and work for it, push the negative influences in your life to one side. His approach is blunt and he breaks down obstacles better than anyone I’ve come across, to the point where I ask myself ‘was there ever even an obstacle? Bringing out the best in people and encouraging them to take the next step is at the forefront of Gary’s content. I am all for promoting the positives in life so I love that.

What has been your biggest Achievement in your career?

Like most people I have worked with on my journey... turning my love for sport into a career. Taking the plunge and giving up familiar surroundings was a big step for me in the beginning. I have lived away from family and friends for the last five years, relocating a few times to pursue opportunities. Since joining CheckdMedia the content team has already grown within the first six months, something I am immensely proud of. I am fortunate enough that the company is supportive and I have an enthusiastic team alongside me.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am a lover of most sports, currently, I would say that boxing, football, and darts are my top three. If I am not at events I am either watching them on TV or looking for updates online. Perhaps a bit sad but I spend a lot of my evenings looking at sports content online, and use it for inspiration. I am fortunate enough that my job is also a passion, so it’s not uncommon for me to get out of bed at silly o’clock and start writing down ideas. Other than sport I enjoy live music so try and get to as many gigs and festivals as I can throughout the year.