Checkd Media


    Our long-standing relationship with Sky Bet has generated impressive results.


    To promote and collaborate with Sky Bet, one of the UK’s leading online bookmakers to enhance the entertainment of sport and ‘make betting, better’.

    What we did

    Due to CheckdMedia’s long-term relationship with Sky Bet’s Trading and Marketing departments, together we invented the ultimate innovation within betting since the beginning of time – the Request­­-A-Bet. This is something that had never been done before, an accumulation of specific outcomes within one event. It was a bet that could be related to and that would always run for the full 90 minutes; perfect for the social world.

    Sky Bet has continued to select CheckdMedia’s platforms to amplify new concepts such as the ‘Group Bet’ feature. Due to a key element of the new Sky Bet product being around engagement, CheckMedia’s audience provided the perfect platform to amplify the official launch in January 2019. To promote this, CheckdMedia hosted a competition on one of its most successful brands Footy Accumulators to drive interest and awareness with the use of branded graphics created by our in-house content team.

    Footy Accumulators is now on Sky Bet’s premium ‘Featured Group’ section of the website, where users are invited to both follow high profile groups, as well as having the option to create customised groups with their mates.


    In under 3 hours, the promoted opportunity to join our Group Bet amassed over 285,000 impressions, with 385 entries into the draw to be part of the Group Bet. After the first weekend of the Featured Group Bet being live, 3,292 people users joined the group to follow future selections.

    Skybet has continued to use CheckdMedia over the last six years to amplify their product offering within the gambling industry. As a result of the consistent success, CheckdMedia has raised the profile of new products such as The ‘RequestABet’ and ‘Group Bets’.