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    Sustainable Trends

    Growing pressure from climate change and associated political and social unrest make building a strong sustainable business difficult. Understanding and drawing from these trends can allow companies to create strategies to meet their sustainability goals, while still being profitable.


    The Coca-Cola KeelClip packaging has been announced as a new move from the brand to help shift its product towards a completely recyclable future.

    coca cola

    The new packaging move was announced by Coca-Cola HBC and Coca-Cola European Partners, and will be rolling out across Europe to eliminate packaging from can multipacks. The shift towards recyclable multipacks means that the entire packaging design for the fizzy drink will be accepted through multiple programs to further eliminate the use of unnecessary plastic.


    Simple is now introducing Compostable Cleansing Wipes

    As a clean and eco-friendly way for consumers to support their skin and the earth at the same time. The facial wipes are free from artificial colours, perfumes, harsh chemicals, parabens and other undesirable or irritating ingredients—and are gentle on skin, yet tough enough to handle the removal of waterproof mascara.


    The wipes are made with soft, renewable plant fibres and sustainable wood pulp and boast the ability to break down in just 42 days in the compost. As such, the wipes include clear branding that instructs consumers not to flush them


    The Glenlivet Capsule Collection is Package-Free

    Changing attitudes towards conventional packaging solutions are challenging brands to distribute their products in creative new ways and to do so, whisky brand The Glenlivet unveiled The Glenlivet Capsule Collection. In partnership with sustainable packaging company Nootka and cocktail legend Alex Kratena, The Glenlivet created "glassless cocktails" that are wrapped in edible, seaweed-based pods.


    Behr's Eco-Friendly Paint Can Design Has a Mess-Reducing Lid


    Behr is introducing an all-new eco-friendly paint can design that's 100% recyclable and easier to use than ever, all thanks to the fact that it includes a mess-reducing plastic Simple Pour lid that needs no special tools to open. The reimagined paint can sets itself apart from other styles that need to be pried open with a paint key or a screwdriver and closed with a hammer and mallet to keep the paint fresh and usable in the future. The new and improved paint can design from Behr boasts a washable and fully recyclable plastic pour spout that can be snapped in place and sealed off with a twist-off cap.


    The 'X One' Electric Bike Offers Up to 75km of Range

    The 'X One' electric bike is a stylish urban transportation solution for consumers looking for a comfortable way to get around town on their own terms. Featuring an Android-powered touchscreen computer system, the e-bike boasts facial recognition technology that is capable of identifying its owner and unlocking automatically to streamline the riding experience.