Checkd Media

    April Jones

    Account Manager


    I joined CheckdMedia over a year ago and it's a position I'm thoroughly enjoying. My role varies from managing client relationships, ensuring the team maximizes delivery for partners, organising marketing campaigns and even overseeing the design of our new company website.
    Who inspires you in business?

    Richard Branson is an incredible individual, I admire his success and zest for life and I'd really recommend his biographies. Sophie Cornish is a woman I massively look up to, she worked in a number of high profile places and was an editor for a number of successful magazines but one day decided to set up her own business; ''. Along with co-founder Holly Tucker, they faced a number of setbacks but carried on undeterred and now own a multimillion-pound company. And then more recently I've become a big fan of Jen Sincero, at 40 she lived in her friend's garage but then managed to propel her career and now is a renowned success coach and author. 

    What has been your biggest Achievement in your career? 

    I'd say being chosen to partake in the BBC broadcast journalism programme is something I'm really proud of, it was quite an honor to learn from the people I did, also there's been a number of occasions where I've successfully pitched for new business which is always a nerve-wracking but rewarding process. 

    What do you do in your spare time?

    I used to dance from the age of 5-16 and have recently taken up dance lessons again - a resolution I intend to keep! Traveling is a big part of my life, I'm constantly thinking of my next getaway and my next trip to India is hopefully on the cards too. And I'd be lying if I didn't include my love for trying new places to eat out with friends and family too.