Checkd Media

    Callum Broxton

    Head Of Social


    As Head of Social it's my responsibility to keep my finger on the pulse to ensure we're always ahead of the curve in our approach to social media. I'm at my best when faced with a challenge and working in this ever-changing industry provides this on a daily basis. With the audience always at the forefront of our thinking, we continually strive to produce and deliver quality content that sets us apart from our competitors.

    Who inspires you in business?

    I find it inspiring when people turn their passions and hobbies into successful businesses. There's something genuine and admirable about embarking on a project for the pure love of it and then reaping the rewards that follow. Joe Rogan is a prime example of this and he's someone I admire greatly. Starting out as a stand up comic in the 90s he began commentating for the UFC long before it was the global powerhouse it is now. He worked there for years without taking a pay cheque, doing it simply out of the love he had for what he was doing and is now considered as one of the greatest sports commentators of the modern era.

    What has been your biggest Achievement in your career? 

    I'm really proud of the journey I've made during my two and a half years at CheckdMedia. I joined the business in June 2016 as a social media assistant after, by complete chance, seeing a tweet from one of the brands advertising for new recruits. I've since worked my way up to become a Brand Manager and now Head of Social. Working here has enabled me to do some incredible things like buying my first house at the age of 21, going to major sporting events and travelling to amazing places around the world.

    What do you do in your spare time?

    My life is incredibly sport-orientated so most of my free time is taken up by that. I watch as much of it as I can and I've got quite a soft spot for the NFL. I'm a Liverpool fan and after years of pain and misery the golden sky is finally appearing. Going to the Champions League final in Kiev last year was definitely one of the best experiences of my life - excluding the 90 minutes of football. Even when I'm sat on the sofa scrolling through Twitter, Instagram and so on I'm always looking for inspiration and new ideas. This can make switching off tricky but when you love what you do, that's not a bad thing.