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    Darren Ackers

    Full Stack Developer


    I work in the Product Development team as a Full Stack Developer. 
    This means that I am heavily involved in everything IT related from developing Websites and Apps to Content Management Systems(CMS) and integrating data. Basically if there's anything to do with technology our team will probably be involved!

    Who inspires you in business? 

    I don't particularly have any role models as such. As a developer there are an incredible number of influential people, every time I need to Google an answer or look up the latest in technology there is always someone new! I'm mainly driven by the tech community and try and give back whenever I can.   

    What has been your biggest achievement in your career? 

    For me getting into the type of work I am currently developing and working with the people I do was always something I had strived for - and couldn't imagine achieving when I was younger.  I've had the pleasure of working temporarily with Sky and now continue to work with people at the peak of our Industry. Each new project is a push in that direction and the more I learn the bigger the achievement.

    What do you do in your spare time?

    When not coding, I tend to do a lot of travelling. Last year I managed to visit 10 different European cities, some more than once - including a Campervan road trip that took me from Manchester to Arhus (via Germany) and back  to Manchester in 7 days! Other than that you can often find me working on my fitness and nutrition (I'm a terrible cook - so it never works out!)