Checkd Media

    Jamie Knowlson

    CEO & Co-founder


    My day-to-day role is CEO, which I have been doing since the business began in 2012. It has touch-points to all areas of the business going from the guys on social and writing articles, to the tech guys coming up with new products and innovative ideas and then even into the financials and the operational side of things. I like to have a good view of whats going on across the whole of the business which is why it was decided that I was the right person to take this role and I think it benefits the skill set that I have.

    Who inspires you in business?

    I like people that challenge the status quo, I like people that prove that they can do something which others thought they couldn’t. Elon Musk, who is coming up with new ways of energy and innovation is a good example of someone who I admire and really interesting even though its not in our field. In terms of historical figures, I recently watched the film 'Darkest Hour' and I find Winston Churchill very inspiring. He was an awkward person but what he did was brilliant.

    Despite being a Liverpool fan, I have read Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography and the way he built a legacy at Manchester United, delivery success constantly from a business point of view is inspirational too.

    What has been your biggest Achievement in your career?

    I’m not really one for achievements and I don’t really monitor success by awards. However, I would say the biggest achievement for me is to be able to motivate people and getting them to buy into your dream and business plan. We’ve had people join the company at 17/18 years of age and they are still here five years later, with some going from apprentice roles to becoming a manager. Those are the sort of success stories I see as an achievement of ours.

    We keep growing every year as a business which I am also proud of. We’ve been around for six years and usually theres a dip in performance but we just keep on growing, sales keep on going up which is very pleasing for me.

    What do you do in your spare time?

    I’ve got into trouble with my girlfriend because I never really unwind! If you’re going to own a business and be a part of it, you want to be successful and it just becomes your life. That said, I do like to go to the football. I am a Liverpool fan and I feel like going to Anfield is my escape from work. I can go there and be a football fan just like the 50,000 other people there which is great. I play a bit of Sunday league and a bit of golf. I’m a pretty average golfer with a handicap of 15!