Checkd Media

    Jonny Escott

    Social Media Executive


    My current role is a Social Media Executive. That consists of doing daily research for engaging sports content and providing our audience and manning our social media channels and websites.

    Who inspires you in business?

    Dr Marwan Koukash. He came over to the UK as as a young boy from Kuwait (he was born in Palestine) with nothing and he has become one of the biggest most successful businessmen in the UK. He has a keen interest in racing and rugby league which is similar to me and as a person, I find him so normal. If you didn't know who he was and you met him, you wouldn't know how wealthy he was and his back story.

    What has been your biggest achievement in your career?

    I was part of Manchesters bid for the City Of Football for 2015. I ran the social media and did a lot of work for it which included presenting a case study at the National Football Museum to a big audience. It was pretty scary but I conquered it i’m very proud of it.

    What do you do in your spare time?

    My life outside of work is just predominantly boxing, either doing it or watching it, and eating out and catching up with mates or going for walks up the hills.