Checkd Media

    Alex Beecham

    Marketing Director

    Job title: Marketing Director

    What your role entails:

    I’m overseeing the performance media and SEO teams to help drive revenue from the right type of traffic. A large part of my role is interpreting data to help improve conversion and find efficiencies. I will also be exploring new marketing channels with the team and new verticals such as casino.

    Who inspires you in business:

    Any entrepreneur inspires me as it takes courage and drive to setup your own business. The guys who setup Airbnb have to be right up there. They were struggling to pay their rent so ended up selling mattress on their floor in San Francisco to make money. They spotted potential early on and made incremental changes to drive significant gains, like taking photos of apartments themselves which instantly doubled turnover. They are now running a £30 billion business in less than 11 years!

    Biggest career achievement:

    Has to be working at Mr Green in a very competitive casino market with reduced budgets of 30%. But finding efficiencies across multiple channels to help deliver a 17% uplift in revenue over the year. This meant dialling down brand spend significantly and losing all TV presence. But at the same time reducing acquisition CPAs, optimising marketing channels and leveraging organic channels to increase monetisation.

    What you do in your spare time:

    Love my jump racing and attending the bigger racing fixtures each year. I’m a Villa fan too and want to get to more games this season now we’re back in the big time. Aside from sport most of my spare time is spent with the family and trying to convince my 5 year old that football is better than play doh!